Музыкальные заставки для праздников

Фанфары для праздничных мероприятий


01_Imperial Fanfare.mp3
02_Royal Entry.mp3
03_Ceremonial Procession.mp3
04_Heroic Procession.mp3
05_Festive Procession.mp3
06_Elector’s Procession.mp3
07_Galant Procession.mp3
08_Majestic Procession.mp3
09_Priere du Matin.mp3
11_Largo — Allegretto.mp3
13_Festive Overture.mp3
14_Toccata (Prelude to Orfeo).mp3
15_Courante for the Entry of His Imperial Majesty and All the Cavalry.mp3
16_Follia for New Entry of the Sprinter and Other Equestrian Manoeuvres.mp3
17_Sarabande for the End of the Ballet.mp3
18_Trumpet Duet.mp3
19_Intrada for the Trombet und musicalischen Tafeldienst.mp3
20_Menuet (Trumpet Duet No. 82).mp3
21_Trumpet Duet No. 8.mp3
22_Trumpet Duet No. 3.mp3
23_Festive Table Music No. 1.mp3
24_Festive Table Music No. 2.mp3
25_Procession at the Imperial Court.mp3
26_Procession No. 3.mp3
27_Festive Procession_ The Entry of the Emperor, 1631.mp3
28_Intrada from Bruck an der Mur.mp3
29_Procession No. 4.mp3
30_Procession No. 1.mp3


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